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About Urban Fuel

In 2009 Mr Erik Mingson Cheah setup the Urban Fuel Mobile Juice Bar in Auckland, New Zealand. When Erik first came to New Zealand back in 2000 he was employed as a worker in a fresh fruit and vegetable store, harvesting and managing the store for the owner. Throughout his four years there Erik realised the wide range of choices and rich resources of the fresh fruits and vegetables available in New Zealand.

After taking over a home cleaning business in 2004 Erik started his own observation in terms of the market potential for the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in the form of a Juice Bar. He realised that most New Zealanders weren't taking advantage of the rich, natural resources that would so easily help them to stay healthy. He found that a lot were relying on supplements to provide them the nutrition that they didn't gain from the daily food consumption. Looking further, Erik found that the research that done by New Zealand's Ministry of Health in 2006 and 2007 showed that 26.5% of the adults in New Zealand are facing obesity problem, as well as 8.3% of children aged from 2-14 years. The growing statistics have further strengthened Erik's intention to provide something that is healthy and worthwhile for the people in New Zealand, to help them stay healthy. 







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